Toronto Electrical Contractors Can Help Declutter Countertops With USB Combo Outlets

very family today has several cell phones, a tablet, a PC, or even a laptop. There are also smart watches and other electronic devices that require electrical outlets to charge them. There may be sufficient outlet space available to feed these devices with a charge, however, the many different chargers can make the countertops to look cluttered and mess up with your workspaces. Toronto electrical Contractors can make things a little neater by replacing the USB chargers with USB combo outlets.electrical contractors

electrical contractors

When you have a USB combo outlet, you will do away with those many chargers you have to use. This is a new type of outlet, and although it looks like the typical outlets you have in the house, there are some extra features. The USB combo outlets have USB outlets in them to add to the electrical outlets. When you upgrade to these USB combo outlets, you can plug your devices directly in them using only a USB cable. Chargers can at times be so bulky that if you have two or three, they will cover some outlets. This may mean that you may have outlets that are not in use because there is no sufficient space to place the charger. USB combo outlets are designed to allow you make your workspace tidy and ensure everything fits properly. Again, they can charge your devices pretty fast based on what the amperage is in the house.
The price of USB combo outlets isn’t too high because many manufacturers are designing them. The features of these outlets may be different depending on their intended use, so you should choose them wisely. There are some that have four USB outlets and others don’t have even a single electrical outlet. If for example, you have a small office in your home or you have so many gadgets that you have to charge, you can consider the USB outlets that have many ports.

Homebuilders are also incorporating the combo outlets in their design and installations, so you may find them already installed in your modern home. However, if you don’t have them, you can seek an electrician to install them. Electricians know which manufacturers have the best combo outlets and will ensure that you install quality components that last for long.

And while having combo outlets is a good idea, there is something you want to know. If you reside in an old building, things may be a little tricky for you when you want to install the combo outlets. Combo outlets can save you from using adapters meaning you still save some space on the outside, but behind the wall, they could take more space.

Most of the models you have out there have an extended rare end meaning they will get deeper into the walls than the standard electrical outlet. If you are going to have them fitted, it is likely that they won’t fit into the existing junction boxes. However, you can have the junction boxes replaced so that they fit the combo outlets. But remember this is for the older buildings, with the new homes, they have modern junction boxes that can fit the combo outlets. You should discuss the options and considerations of having combo outlets with qualified Toronto electrical Contractors.

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