Flat Roofing Company – A typical day installing a new flat roof

We started the day by cleaning out the gutters and rooftop. As well, all of the required supplies were lowered onto the roof, which included a roll of rubber and four pails of glue. We stopped by the shop to pick up the rest of the required supplies. It started to snow once we arrived back on-site, so we covered the materials and the rooftop and called it a day.

Today we stripped the roof and lowered most of the garbage bit by bit. Since the garbage bin is placed on the driveway, this is a very time consuming and difficult step.

What we are doing here is filling dump bags so that they are just light enough to handle lowering down the side of the roof without causing gutter or exterior damage. Once on the ground, we carry the bags to the dump trailer, empty them, and repeat the process.

The roof has been covered in tarp and weighed down with the gravel bags we loaded up on Friday. Tomorrow we will finish the stripping, pick up some required insulation, screws, and plates, and then begin installing the new roofing. We did not pick up the metal yet, as the measurements will change with the extra layer of insulation that will be installed. An order for the metal will be put in tomorrow, considering these changes.

After picking up the insulation and screws, we started down-loading more of the garbage from the rip. The forecast was calling for rain later on in the day, so we insulated and buttoned up the roof as fast as we could without compromising the installation quality.

Tomorrow there is an 80% chance of rain and snow, so we will not be uncovering the roof until Thursday when we are guaranteed that there will be no precipitation.

We continued loading garbage off the roof and finalized the ripping around the big stacks. Two of the smaller 5″ stacks fell down into the ceiling during the rip, so we will have to go through the crawl space and push these back up. This is a typical day of our flat roofing company.
The rubber has been cut and is ready for installation. All we have to do now is load the rubber onto the roof, glue it, and then wrap the stacks. We are also still waiting on our metal order to be filled.
It started snowing around 4:30 pm today, so we shut down the site and covered the roof in tarp. There is snow in the forecast for tomorrow, as well, so work has been called off. After shutting down the site, we took all the garbage off-site to the dump.

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